France (Le Havre)

Quai de l'Atlantique

  • Frequency: Direct Weekly Service

    Sailings: Caribbean and South America

    Shipping Services to the East Caribbean from Le Havre

    In Le Havre, Geest Line operations are centered on the Quai de l’Atlantique, which has several berths and a fleet of quayside cranes and associated handling equipment.

    The Quai de l’Atlantique is well served by reefer facilities for containers and there is also comprehensive port equipment for handling heavy lifts. Geest Line cargo loaded at Le Havre is carried exclusively in containers, with the exception of vehicles, and the Port of Le Havre is strategically placed for markets throughout Northern and Central Europe.

    French connections place Le Havre only two hours away from Paris and extensive road and rail links offer efficient links to other key regions of France and the Low Countries.

    About the Port of Le Havre

    Port of Le Havre is located 6 hours from the entrance of the English Channel and due to location is the last port of call for export cargo from Northern Europe. The port has no tidal restriction giving 24 hours access 365 days a year. Ideally located with road connections to the Benelux, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

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    Shipping Agency Service

    Franklin Building
    35, Rue du 129 eme
    BP 408, 76057
    LE HAVRE cedex France

    Tel: + 33 2 3519 1780
    Fax: + 33 2 3519 1781

    Email: [email protected]

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Port of Le Havre Facilities

  • Storage

    • Quai de l’Atlantique offers 200000 sq.mts
    • Quai des Ameriques offers 90000 sq.mts
    • Empty Container depot offers 28000 sq.mts
    • 280 Reefer plugs available

    Number of Berths

    2 quays operating 4 cranes each.

    • Quai de l’Atlantique 12.50 mts deep – 800 mts long
    • Quai des Ameriques 13.50 mts deep – 500 mts long
  • Container Handling Equipment

    • 30 Straddle Carriers
    • 12 RoRo Trucks
    • 7 Reach Stackers (4 x empty / 3 x Full containers)
    • 3 Front End Handlers
    • 130 Empty Chassis
    • 50 Forklifts 2 tonnes to 6 tonnes
  • Container Types Offered

    • 10ft Dry Van
    • 20ft Dry Van
    • 20ft Open Top
    • 20ft Flat Rack
    • 20ft Reefer
    • 20ft Rum Tank
    • 40ft Dry Van
    • 40ft Open Top
    • 40ft Flat Rack
    • 40ft High Cube Reefer
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