Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need to ship my vehicle?

We will need a copy of the 2nd page of the logbook/V5. If you have sent this off to DVLA already, we can accept a copy of the green new keeper details along with an invoice showing the chassis number and registration number.

What is a logbook?

The logbook, also known as the V5, is the official proof of ownership issued by DVLA.

Can I pay when the cargo arrives?

Payment will need to be completed by the closing date of the appropriate sailing.

How can I make payment?

There are several ways you can make payment once you have received your booking confirmation. You can pay direct into our USD or GBP bank account, you can pay over the phone with a credit/debit card or you can pay our agents in the island you are shipping to providing it is completed by the closing date. Antigua and Dominica are excluded from this. Please note that if you are paying with a credit card and the cost is over £500, there will be an additional 2.5% surcharge added to the payment card.

Where do I deliver my cargo?

Once the booking has been made, you will need to deliver the cargo to our port in Dover. A full delivery address will be given to you with your booking confirmation once your booking has been requested.

What is a Bill of Lading and when will I receive this?

A Bill of Lading is your official proof of export. Once your booking has been made, we will send you a shipping instruction form which will need to be completed and returned to our documentation team. The bill of lading will then be produced as per this instruction once the vessel has sailed. You cannot get release of the cargo without an original Bill of Lading. We can send the original forward to our agents for immediate release or we can send to an address in the UK and it will be the responsibility of this person to forward, enabling release.

Are there any restrictions to packing my pallet?

If you are packing a pallet/crate to be shipped below deck, each item cannot be higher than 2m or heavier than 1500kgs. We must be advised at time of quotation if there is any hazardous cargo to ship such as paint or batteries.

What container size can I have?

We can offer 20ft and 40ft containers. If you have a large commercial vehicle/trailer/boat, quotations will need to be requested.

Where and how can I load the container?

There are a couple of options here. You can bring the cargo down to Dover to load with the container on the ground or we can bring the container up to a UK address for you to load. If you would like to load at your address, the container will arrive on the back of a trailer around 5ft off the ground. If you require the container to be placed on the ground at your residence, this will require specialist haulage.

How long do I get to load my container?

If you are loading the container at the port or at your residence on the back of a trailer, you will get 3 hours to load a 20ft and 40ft container. If you require the container to be placed on the ground to load at your residence, it will require specialist haulage and you will have an AM or PM slot only.

Will I get assistance loading my container?

You will be solely responsible for loading and securing the goods into the container regardless of where you are loading. If the container is coming to you, it will arrive as it is with no ramp/forklift/tail lift. If you load at the port, you will not have access to any equipment such as forklift however the container will be on the ground.

Can you collect my cargo?

If you are not shipping a full container, we can collect your cargo however it must be palletised. We will not be able to arrange the collection if the cargo is not palletised. The collection vehicle will not arrive with a forklift or tail lift so this will need to be requested at time of quotation with a full collection address. We can collect from Europe however customs declarations may not always be possible so please check at time of quotation.

What do I need to bring to the port with me?

Apart from your cargo, you will also need to bring either the DGN or Shipping Note as advised on your booking confirmation. You will also need to bring a form of Photo ID and suitable clothing/footwear.

Who do I ask for at the port?

When you arrive at the port, you will need to hand over your booking reference and either SSN or DGN. The security will then point you in the right direction for cargo reception. Cargo reception will then take your paperwork, sign and give you a copy back which is your POD (Proof of Delivery) and take the cargo from you.