Dominica (Roseau)

The Nature Isle

  • Frequency: Fortnightly
    Transit Time: 12 days

    Sailings: Portsmouth – Tuesday
    Le Havre – Wednesday

    Shipping Services to Dominica

    Geest Line sail weekly from Portsmouth and Le Havre to Roseau Dominica with a transit time from Portsmouth of 12 days. A weekly service is offered for containers only and a break bulk service every fortnight.

    From the UK all cargo types from the UK are offered including dry, reefer, special equipment, LCL chilled as well as all types of break bulk including out of gauge cargoes. From Le Havre we offer a full container service including the export of vehicles.

    Geest Line are one of the few Shipping Lines in the world still offering as standard the 10ft container ideal for smaller loads and personal effects. For large heavy and out of gauge cargoes please contact our Head Office or our local agent for further information.

    About Woodridge Bay Port

    Cargo vessel operations are conducted at the Woodbridge Bay Port (commercial pier). This pier is of concrete structure located on the South West Coastline of the island, about one mile north of the capital Roseau, at latitude 15 degrees 19′ north and longitude 61 degrees 24′ west.

    Our clearance procedures are efficient and executed efficiently.The boarding officials include one customs officer, two agents and one port health officer. Port stevedore/longshore workers are available to work any time no matter the hour and sometimes in the poorest weather conditions to facilitate the vessel in maintaining schedule. Their unique method used to discharge vessels exemplifies their passion for the work.

  • Roseau

Woodridge Bay Port Facilities

  • Storage

    • 47348 sq.mts. open storage
    • Warehouse No.2 – 3972 sq.mts
    • Warehouse No.3 – 3584 sq.mts
    • Warehouse No.4 – 5314 sq.mts
    • Warehouse No.5 – 3345 sq.mts
    • Refrigeration capacity: 4958 sq.mts with 96 Reefer plugs

    Number of Berths

    • 6 berths all 9.6m deep
    • No restriction on length
  • Container Handling Equipment

    • 9 Straddle carriers
    • 2 Reach Stackers
    • 1 Taylor Top Loader
    • 1 MT Lander
    • 1 Gantry crane – capacity 37 tons spreader; 38 tons beam
    • LHM – capacity 35 tons spreader; 52 tons hook
  • Container Types Offered

    • 10ft Dry Van
    • 20ft Dry Van
    • 20ft Open Top
    • 20ft Flat Rack
    • 20ft Reefer
    • 20ft Rum Tank
    • 40ft Dry Van
    • 40ft Open Top
    • 40ft Flat Rack
    • 40ft High Cube Reefer

Dominica General Information

About Dominica

The island of Dominica, worldly recognized as the Nature Island offers a natural ambiance not found anywhere else. This island gem is small in comparison but just as rich with a size 30 miles (48km) long by 15 miles (24km) wide with area of just 290 square miles (750 square kilometers). Dominica has some of the most spectacular features & sites of natural beauty. The capital city of Roseau occupies even some of the most historic buildings of rare architecture crafted by the ancestors of French, British and African decent.

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