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17.0747° N, 61.8175° W

Transit time:

13 days


Transhipment Weekly Service


Vlissingen (Flushing), Netherlands – Wednesday, Portsmouth – Sunday

About Georgetown Port

Georgetown is the principal port in Guyana and is located on the E side of the mouth of Demerara River, E of the Essequibo River.


The port has a river frontage of 2nm with 39 berths and is equipped with six main wharves with depths ranging from 2.5-6.0m LW. Facilities are available for the handling and storage of general cargo, bulk (liquid and solid) cargo, and containers.

Port Facilities

That facility, known as Guyana Shore Base, is now the premier local oil and gas company in Guyana and is the crown jewel of ML.

In all its various sectors ML is an industry leader, exhibiting its acute business acumen and managerial skill.


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Gulf and Maritime (

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Tel: +592-632-4226
Tel: +592-608-2311

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email: [email protected]

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