Commercial and Private Shipping to and from the East Caribbean

  • Service That Exceeds All Expectations

    Geest Line are currently the only shipping Line sailing direct from the UK to the Eastern Caribbean with no transhipments and the fastest transit times.

    We are able to offer a wide variety of cargo options to best suit your requirements. So whether you are shipping a pallet of goods, a truck, have a requirement for containers or special equipment including open top, flat rack containers or reefers, Geest can handle it.

    Choose either our Commercial Services or our Private Shipping to get started.

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  • Commercial Shipping Services

    geestline-container-isolated-300x251 We offer an unrivalled Service to the Eastern Caribbean with no transhipments.

    From Dover and Le Havre direct to 10 destinations in the Eastern Caribbean every week

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  • Private Shipping Services

    It’s much easier than you think to transport personal effects to and from the Eastern Caribbean.

    With sailings every week, and options to suit all shipment sizes, you’ll be glad you choose Geest Line.

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Did you know?

The average quantity of bananas carried under deck per ship is 29,684,400

That’s a yearly average of 1,543,588,800!