February 2014

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  • Investment in New Containers

    Geest Line has been taking delivery of new 20ft reefer containers incorporating the latest technological efficiencies as well as new 20ft and 40ft dry van containers. Geest Line has also incorporated reinforced roof plates to all new containers to provide greater protection against the rigours of the trade.

  • Shipping Cars to the Caribbean

    We can arrange collection of your car(s) by driver from anywhere in the UK for loading at Portsmouth. Rates are highly competitive and this service has the potential to save shippers a lot of time and effort. Please contact our bookings/quotations section for prices and conditions.

  • Agulhas Stream entering Portsmouth Harbour

    A short video of the Agulhas Stream entering Portsmouth Harbour. Filmed from the Square Tower, Portsmouth. Note: The sound is distorted by the wind, so you’ll probably want to turn it down a little.