October 2014

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  • Low Sulphur Surcharge ‘ECA’ (Emissions Control Area)

    The International Maritime Organisation (IMO), the legal governing body for International Shipping and subsidiary of the United Nations (UN), sets the global sulphur emissions limits for marine fuels as per international convention MARPOL Annex VI Regulations for the Prevention of Air Pollution from ships.Within Europe it is covered by regional agreement under European Directive 2012/33/EU. […]

  • Geest Staff Trip/Visit to Le Havre

    Geest Line recently sent three members of the team on a short trip on board the Timor Stream to visit both Portsmouth and Le Havre. The three adventurers were Lucy Lovegrove (imports), Alison McCormick (reception) and James Norton (Customer Services) and they experienced the life and working of a vessel. All three adventurers remarked on how […]

  • Geest go Loco in Antigua..

    Geest Line were privileged to be asked to play their part in the restoration of sugar cane locomotives that were once used in the industry in Antigua. Lawrence Gameson MD of Thomas Gameson Ltd of Cannock, UK embarked on this project over two years ago and will shortly be completing the renovation of a number […]