March 2015

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  • Top Fruit – over the Moon!..

    During the port call of m/v Klipper Stream at Manzanillo, Dominican Republic Geest Line customer Pedro Soria took the opportunity not only to ensure safe stowage and shipment of his cargo to Europe he also participated in his favourite sport of ‘kitesurfing’. As you can see the pictures and stunts are spectacular, with many UK staff being […]

  • Geest Line sponsor local ‘Football for Cancer’ team

    Jim Mardle, Geest Line’s Terminal Operations Coordinator at Portsmouth, is a committee member of local charity ‘Football For Cancer’. Each year FFC hold a spring football tournament to raise funds for local cancer charities and families in the area who are in need of extra support. There are eight teams each year and each team […]

  • Geest Line Transit Insurance product

    During transit, your cargo is exposed to various risks, despite the safety measures put in place by carriers. Damages or losses may occur during handling, storage or transport operations which could have a serious impact on your business and finances. To manage this risk and enhance your shipping experience – Geest Line has developed insurance solutions for you that […]

  • Bilinda Leitch

    Geest Line would like to welcome Bilinda Leitch, who will be joining our Customer Services team as Geest continue to strengthen their client services. Bilinda has a wealth of experience in the industry, including running a local freight forwarding agency. After sometime away from shipping she has finally returned to her shipping roots. We are […]