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Bake Off for Sport Relief 2014

As is traditional with Geest Line staff whenever there is an excuse to dress up and raise funds for good causes, you can always rely on members of staff to join in.

In previous years they have – worn underwear over their clothes, had bad hair days, pyjama days and several (what is now a national favourite) bake off days.

We then come to Sport Relief 2014 what do we do? Apart from dressing the part, how could we raise funds for good causes doing something sporty in a busy shipping office, we had several ideas put forward, relay, dance, exercise bike etc., but this didn’t particularly raise much enthusiasm.

Then we added another bake off to the equation and low and behold everyone said ‘YES’! It just goes to show that we would all rather eat cake than exercise! Never mind we are raising money for good causes and everyone can be proud of their efforts and look forward to how to lose those extra pounds – so well done to all.

Geest teamwork in passing the ball with due care for health & safety within the office environment! were from L-R:

  • Hayley Rolfe
  • Alison McCormick
  • Karen Case
  • Beverly Stickland
  • Nick Barker
  • Richard Bown
  • Peter Dixon
  • Becky Hill
  • Lucy Lovegrove

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