Top Fruit – over the Moon!..

During the port call of m/v Klipper Stream at Manzanillo, Dominican Republic Geest Line customer Pedro Soria took the opportunity not only to ensure safe stowage and shipment of his cargo to Europe he also participated in his favourite sport of ‘kitesurfing’. As you can see the pictures and stunts are spectacular, with many UK staff being envious and now wanting to take up the sport but not in the UK chilly waters.

Pedro says ‘I started kitesurfing 4 years ago when I arrived in the DR, it is an amazing water sport full of physical challenges and a great way to disconnect from work. I am extremely lucky because in the DR I can practice all year around in warm tropical blue waters and steady trade winds. I visited the port to check everything was fine with our shipments and to stay in touch with our local staff. Manzanillo is a windy port because it is located on the north coast with trade winds and thermic effect over the area.

We started our business relationship with Geest back in 2009, the Geest Line service we receive has to be the most reliable shipping line service we have ever come across. Efficiency, professionalism, friendly faces, team work, these words are probably describing at best the Geest Line Team.

Kevin Cool, Geest Line Commercial Manager comments ‘Geest Line is similar to Kitesurfing in that we are agile, flexible and a fast moving company – many thanks to Pedro and Top Fruit for their continued support we wish them good luck both on and off the water!..’

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