Geest Line doesn’t Horse around when it comes to cargo!

For many years Geest line has been shipping livestock and the latest shipped to Mustique via St Vincent were two fine horses emigrating to the Equestrian Centre on the beautiful island in the Grenadines.

The Equestrian Centre in Mustique already has 11 working horses and 4 retired horses, plus the two new ones Willie and Snoopy.  Mustique has had horses on the island since the 1970s when some home owners imported horses for their personal use.  Over the years the Equestrian Centre has developed into a professionally run stables with two British Horse Society Instructors and trained staff.  They offer pony rides for children aged 2 years and over, pony camps, dressage, jumping lessons and trail rides.  The horses can often be seen taking a well-earned swim in the heat of the Mustique sunshine.

Geest Line uses a dedicated and certified ‘Horse Box’ (a converted 20 Dry Van) to transport these animals. They are escorted on their journey by a dedicated groom and vet, which doesn’t seem to faze the animals at all, as the pictures show: Willie and Snoopy on passage, running free and taking a swim.

The two new horses will undergo a training program to prepare them for their work and they will be integrated into the herd by October 2016.  The Equestrian Centre have used Geest Line on four previous occasions, shipping a total of 9 horses to Mustique.

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