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Covid-19 – Geest Line Customer Advisory

We remain open for business and are here to support your shipments between Europe, the UK and the East Caribbean.

With Geest Line’s market in the Eastern Caribbean, we are a vital link between Europe and the UK and we will endeavour to operate our ships on this trade route accordance with our published schedule.

We understand the dependency the population of the Eastern Caribbean has on shipping and trade for food, pharmaceuticals and other vitally important products.

Our vessels will continue to sail with the intention of keeping to our schedules.

With social distancing recommended our office staff has been split into two groups.  We have a team working from our office and a team set up in their homes with online resources. We remain contactable on email and on mobile phones but are required to avoid face to face meetings for the time being.

We will continue to take advice from the relevant authorities to ensure that we always act in a responsible and professional manner, keeping the health of our staff and crew as well as your cargo at the heart of everything we do.

We wish you strength and courage in your efforts to combat the extraordinary events in which we are living today.

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