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Geest Line Transit Insurance product

During transit, your cargo is exposed to various risks, despite the safety measures put in place by carriers. Damages or losses may occur during handling, storage or transport operations which could have a serious impact on your business and finances.

To manage this risk and enhance your shipping experience – Geest Line has developed insurance solutions for you that address these risks.

Following Geest Line membership to the British International Freight Association (BIFA) and acceptance into the voluntary jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service we are pleased to be able to offer these type of important value added services to existing and new shippers.

In co-operation with our partners, London brokers Bannerman Rendell and global underwriters AVIVA, we have tailored packages to suit your circumstances, requirements and budget.

Our insurance package is not solely for cargo carried by Geest Line, it can cover all your modes of transport and destinations.

For additional information and declarations forms etc. please visit the insurance section under the ‘Services’ tab on the Geest Line website, or for general enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us at:   [email protected]


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