IT Manager moves on to waters bluer

Terry (on the right) joined Geest in February 1995 and guided the company through the transition period into the world of advanced computer technology, aiding the company through IBM AS400 to Shipnet with SQL server technology and onto Flexship, a fully integrated business system. His programming knowledge as well as his business acumen promoted a culture of continuous improvement whilst ensuring that systems remained reliable in a time when developments were continuing at a pace with demands for the latest equipment.

Terry also supported Winfresh during the time of basic PC’s to the set up of the Southampton office and then the move to Stansted. Terry managed the implementation the development of communication and business systems between Stansted, Portsmouth and the Caribbean.

Terry was a well respected member of the team who will be looking to spend more time indulging his passion of sailing, once he has finished decorating the house! we wish him a long and happy retirement and he leaves with all our thanks for a job well done.

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