Geest Line is proud to unveil its Yellow “Banana container”.  The brand-new state of the art reefer container has been painted yellow to stand out in the crowd! We aim with your help to track the container as it ships between the Caribbean, the UK and Europe.

The container will take temperature-controlled produce out to the Caribbean before returning full of Banana’s. This container can hold nearly 110 thousand Banana’s and takes just 10 days to sail back to Europe. The container controls the temperature so that they arrive in Europe and the UK in perfect condition for ripening before hitting the stores and eventually our lunch boxes and fruit bowls.

If you see the container (and there is only one) please take a photo and tag #bananabox. To kick us off we have pictures of the box in Portsmouth UK where it was sprayed and loading in Polarkold with our valued customer Caribbean Trading’s cargo bound for St Lucia on the Atlantic Klipper.

Seatrade Group (‘Seatrade’) and Jamaica Producers Group Limited (‘JP’) are pleased to announce the joint venture acquisition of Geest Line Limited. Geest Line has been the operator of one of the leading shipping lines in Europe serving the Caribbean and Latin America markets for over 65 years.

Geest Line sees this acquisition as a positive development as both JP and Seatrade have strong track records in the trade and the regions served by the company and know the trade well. Geest Line will continue to operate independently in serving its existing customers and markets whilst looking for further opportunities to extend its trade.

Seatrade, headquartered in Curacao, is a worldwide leader in reefer vessel shipping services.

JP, headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica, is a publicly listed company with global interests in Caribbean logistics services, port terminal operations, specialty food and drink production and agribusiness.

Yntze Buitenwerf, President of Seatrade, and Jeffrey Hall, CEO of JP, noted in a joint statement:

“Geest Line is a company with a rich history of delivering excellent service to its customers on both sides of the Atlantic over the last 65 years. We look forward to working alongside Capt. Peter Dixon, Geest Line Managing Director, and his highly professional team in the UK as we continue this legacy and support Geest’s next stage of growth.”

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Geest Line were recently featured in a Sainsbury’s online commercial which can be viewed below.

The feature captured the Geest Line vessel loading in Dover UK, as part of Sainsbury’s 150 years of trading campaign.

It was our pleasure to contribute to the local and national economy working round the clock and putting people at the core of our business.

What is the surcharge and why is it applicable?

Safety is Geest Line’s number one priority when it comes to shipping your cargo. It is essential that all the team involved in the shipping of your cargo are safe at all times.

The surcharge is applied when transporting goods by sea that have been classified by the UN as Hazardous. This is in accordance with the IMDG code (International Marine Dangerous Goods code).

The surcharge relates to the additional administration and handling required for planning the goods at the terminal and onboard the ship ensuring safety throughout the journey.

What cargo does it apply to?

The hazardous surcharge is applicable to ALL cargo that is classified as hazardous. This includes vehicles that have not had the fuel tank drained and the battery disconnected and are containerised.

What is the rate?

The current tariff* rates USD

Full Load Containers$200

Geest Line are here to help and support you, if you have any comments or feedback, please contact the Geest Line customer service team on

Tel: +44 (0) 1489 873500

Or email [email protected]

We look forward to speaking with you.

Geest Line Customer Service Team  

*Current tariff applicable 01/07/2020

Thank you for choosing Geest Line to ship your vehicle, you can trust us to take good care of it.

Like you we want your shipment to go smoothly!

To achieve this, we need your help please. (more…)

At Geest Line we listen to our customers, we also like things that are simple. Feedback from you, our customers, has been that our quotes and invoicing are a bit complicated.  So we have made changes to make it simpler for you, easy to understand and ultimately easier to ship with Geest Line.

What changes have we made?

To make the quotes and invoices easier to read we have grouped fixed surcharges together. These charges are constant and will be shown together to reduce the number of lines on our quote and invoice. Effectively a simpler quote / invoice.

So instead of seeing 11 lines on your typical invoice you will now only see 5, with the overall value the same.

Invoice Lines
* Other charges may apply
** ISPS will be shown separately for Break Bulk Cargo

What else is changing?

When will I see my simpler Quote / Invoice?

The new simpler format will be with you from the 1st of July onwards.

Our conclusion

We understand in our dynamic market that the speed of quotes is important. The changes we are making will allow us to quote accurately and quickly, making us your first choice when it comes to shipping to and from the Caribbean Islands.

If you have any comments or feedback, please contact the Geest Line customer service team on +44 (0) 1489 873500 or by email to [email protected]

We look forward to speaking with you.

Geest Line Customer Service Team

Please see this customer notice for more information

We remain open for business and are here to support your shipments between Europe, the UK and the East Caribbean.

With Geest Line’s market in the Eastern Caribbean, we are a vital link between Europe and the UK and we will endeavour to operate our ships on this trade route accordance with our published schedule.

We understand the dependency the population of the Eastern Caribbean has on shipping and trade for food, pharmaceuticals and other vitally important products.

Our vessels will continue to sail with the intention of keeping to our schedules.

With social distancing recommended our office staff has been split into two groups.  We have a team working from our office and a team set up in their homes with online resources. We remain contactable on email and on mobile phones but are required to avoid face to face meetings for the time being.

We will continue to take advice from the relevant authorities to ensure that we always act in a responsible and professional manner, keeping the health of our staff and crew as well as your cargo at the heart of everything we do.

We wish you strength and courage in your efforts to combat the extraordinary events in which we are living today.

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Geest Line remains an important link between Northern Europe, the UK and the Caribbean in terms of the supply of foodstuffs and essential items.  Accordingly, we consider it vitally important that we do all we can to ensure the continuity of our trade
during these difficult times.

In order to enhance our business continuity processes, considering the current pandemic, we have asked that many members of staff work from home to minimise the risk of spreading any infection across all staff within our office. This is in line with UK Government advice. As a result, you may experience some delay in contacting individuals within our organisation. We would ask that where possible you communicate in the short term through e-mail.

We will continue to maintain our emergency contacts.  It would appear likely that as the pandemic spreads we may see disruption to other supporting functions such as transport, ports etc.  Please be assured that we are working with our suppliers and partners to minimise any interruption to our service.

Please remain safe and we look forward to working with you.

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