Geest Line is proud to unveil its Yellow “Banana container”.  The brand-new state of the art reefer container has been painted yellow to stand out in the crowd! We aim with your help to track the container as it ships between the Caribbean, the UK and Europe.

The container will take temperature-controlled produce out to the Caribbean before returning full of Banana’s. This container can hold nearly 110 thousand Banana’s and takes just 10 days to sail back to Europe. The container controls the temperature so that they arrive in Europe and the UK in perfect condition for ripening before hitting the stores and eventually our lunch boxes and fruit bowls.

If you see the container (and there is only one) please take a photo and tag #bananabox. To kick us off we have pictures of the box in Portsmouth UK where it was sprayed and loading in Polarkold with our valued customer Caribbean Trading’s cargo bound for St Lucia on the Atlantic Klipper.

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